Developing RFU Core Values of Teamwork, Respect,
Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship

We provide tag, touch and contact (Year 4 upwards optional) rugby based games around the Dorset area for both girls and boys aged 4 to 15 years in a healthy and nurturing environment.

Our lessons are designed with the objective to develop core rugby skills of handling, kicking, tackling/tagging/touch and running with the balls. In addition we develop hand eye co-ordination, spatial awareness and effective decision making and it also improves overall fitness. Rippa Rugby can be played indoors and out on different surfaces and is an all year round sport.

The rules are simple in that a team attempts to score tries at one end of the pitch whilst the other team defends by ripping the Tags off the attackers, thus forcing them to pass and proceed with their attack.

Contact sessions are introduced for year 4 upwards (Optional) teaching the children how to tackle and fall correctly and bringing these safe techniques in to game related play.

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